Welcome To Elder Farm Haylage

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Elder Farm Haylage - A family concern.
E. Blenkhorn & Son
We have many years experience producing haylage exclusively on our 350 acre farm in East Yorkshire from specially selected short term leys. We are committed to producing a consistent first class product and no additives are applied at any point, its a natural product!

 We recognise the importance of continuity of supply and try our best to offer this to all our established customers. Our haylage bales come in a range of sizes and specifications to suit all circumstances, from laminitic prone ponies to racehorses. We produce haylage in Ryegrass, Timothy and even Lucerne (Alfalfa)
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Our own 7.5 tonne lorry is used for local deliveries within the local area (see maps on delivery service page). We can unload all sizes of bales without assistance. Nationwide delivery can be arranged (by outside haulage and charged at cost)

Please note that this year, 2017, has been an extremely difficult year with below average yields in the first cuts and then a continued period of unsettled weather throughout July and August. We therefore will not have enough stocks of our large bales to supply all of our established customers and so cannot take on any new customers, stocks of medium and small bales are still to be established depending on the weather between now and October. Hopefully next year will see a return to a more normal situation. We apologise for any inconvenience or disruption to supply caused.